Why Corporate Identity Costs More for a Big Business, Compared To a Smaller Business

Have you ever wondered why some small businesses never really work on their brand name? Ever wondered why the hardware store downtown never changes its corny store name to something that is catchier? On the other hand, how come we see so many big businesses like corporations or franchise businesses putting so much effort in pumping up their brand image by employing different kinds of marketing and advertising campaigns? Why do big businesses spend more on their corporate identity as compared to smaller businesses?

The Risk Factor

Well, the answer simply lies in how much risk these two types of businesses face. For small businesses, the risks are actually smaller because the operating costs are significantly less. Let’s take a small bookstore for example. Most of the main costs are the operating costs, which usually include the cost of using the cash register, utilities, rent, and purchasing costs. In order for your small bookstore to flourish, all you need is a good location and a decent marketing effort to lure people to your store. If you sell schoolbooks, then putting your store right in front of a school will typically seal the deal.

Brand Establishment

However, if you want to expand and create many branches of your bookstore, then that is a different story. If you want people to recognize your bookstore as more than merely a bookstore, but more as a widely recognized place where they can satisfy all their reading needs, then you have to make sure that it has a remarkable and well-established brand. Often, perception is far more important than actual presence. So while you may have a small setup, you can still appear larger than life through the right branding strategy.

Strong Logo Design

The brand is more than just a name. The brand is the identity of the store, and it is what makes the store famous among people. Why do you need to be famous among people? To simply put it, the more famous you are, then the more customers you will have. As long as you have a lot of customers, you can sustain your expansion. For this reason, companies pay so much for a good company logo design and good branding strategies. If a company has high brand awareness and has a good reputation among people, then it will enjoy many loyal customers.

A good company logo design will help people identify the company and remember the brand. Also, a good branding strategy will make the company solidify its client base. These two are among the few essential elements that help a company establish a good corporate identity. Whether you’re a large or small business, make sure that you carefully think through your branding strategy and implement it across all platforms to send out a cohesive and uniform message to your customers. If you don’t think you can designate the time and resources to this, you can always hire a professional branding, logo and web design company to do the work for you.


Web Design Beverly Hills

Mad Mind Studios understands the importance of not only a visually-appealing website, but one that functions impeccably and responds immediately. Gone are the days when a good-looking website was enough to woo visitors. Now people demand faster load times, mobile compatibility, plug-in integration, and much more when they want to hire web design services in Beverly Hills. We can help you make a mark on the web and do so in style.

Brand Performance

Almost anyone these days can build a website within a few days. But does that website have what it takes to convert visitors into paying customers? At Mad Mind Studios, we leverage our years of experience to provide clients a website that doesn’t just look great, but contains all the best practices of visitor conversion. Every website we develop uses time-tested strategies coupled with a deep understanding of consumer behaviour to ensure that we maximize conversion.

Designed To Perfection

Once we’re done with our web design in Beverly Hills, consider us as your partners to success. Our clients can opt for routine design audits in which we use popular testing tools to modify CTA’s, page layouts, and other design elements. This is all done to make sure that your website works to its fullest potential so you get maximum traction. Our job goes well beyond merely developing a website. We create a momentum that continues to offer you more visibility and business over time.

Web Prominence

What good is a website if it doesn’t show up in search engine results? Mad Mind Studious always has its ear to the ground when it comes to the latest SEO techniques. We ensure that your website loads in the fastest possible time, regardless of what device it is opened on or where the viewer is located. With thorough insight into website optimization, we will give your business the head start it needs on the web by implementing the most current SEO guidelines. Beyond page optimization, we can assist you with image optimization, server selection, the use of effective analytics and much more. Feel free to review our portfolio to see the kind of work we have done in the recent past.